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HEADQUARTERED in Central Kansas

We were founded in the Wichita, KS area and able to travel nationwide today!

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It is our commitment to assist customers in a timely manner and provide them relevant and valuable information about the Unmanned industry.

Is a full Pilots License required for drones?
For Commercial entities, (not government), it appears things will stay the same for another year or so. Until The final FAA ruling (FAA Deadline: Spring of 2017), it is likely that the FAA will continue to require the full airman's licence. Just a reminder, the full PPL is not required for Public Entities as it is for commercial UAV companies. I.E. Police departments are not req'd to gain these clearances. However their operators are still required to take and pass ground school and the written examination.
Can I just buy a drone and do the rest?
In short, the answer is, "yes" if you understand and are able to navigate through many of the required steps. The NMotion UAS consultants fill many gaps in the integration, implementation, and training role to create a seamless solution. UAV technology is able to do unquestionably more than the regulations can allow currently. Our team serves you by helping debrief the regulatory landscape, provide clients with required FAA documents and policies, and other required pieces such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), and more that the FAA will require to be existent and in operation.
Does NMotion outfit all-weather (rain & snow) capable systems?
We do provide these capabilities via our InstantEye platform in partnership with PSI Robotics. These systems are high-performance and low cost all weather flying platforms.
Does NMotion UAS sell thermal imaging/FLIR systems?
We do provide a product line of FLIR thermal imaging sensors that equip end users with new capabilities.
What's different about NMotion UAS than other companies?
Most UAV companies take a "shotgun" approach at their service capabilities within the industry. Many appear to show expertise in all areas yet lack detailed industry trade knowledge and understanding. This approach may generate some business, but it does not allow their skillsets to become specialized in anything. In fact, the "jack of all trades" mentality is a dangerous one. We at NMotion prides ourselves in "sticking to our guns" that we know best. We know our customers pain points because we have literally been in their shoes. Be careful of companies promising the be "former" fire, police, and rescue personnel. Most do not have the end use experience as our personnel has.

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HEADQUARTERED in Central Kansas

Founded in the Wichita, KS area and able to travel nationwide.